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Switching from Google Domains to AWS Route 53

With the recent announcement from Google that they are selling their Domains business to Squarespace, many Google Domains customers are looking for alternatives. One popular alternative is AWS Route 53 due to their relatively low cost and large feature set. We have documented the process of moving from Google Domains to Route 53 for several popular use cases. Moving Domain Service To avoid interruptions in domain service (and traffic to your site) be sure to move your domain service prior to changing your registrar from Google Domains to Route 53. As soon as you migrate your domain registration away from Google Domains, they will stop their name servers from responding for your domain so it is important that the name servers associated with your domain are migrated first. If you are simply "parking" a domain, you can skip these steps and go directly to moving your domain registration (see below). The steps to move your domain service for a domain are as follows: 1. Log in to